Meet the HW&H team:


Hey, I’m Chris. I’m the coach! I’m the one you’ll be communicating with about, well, pretty much everything. I’ll be your shoulder to cry on, your ear when you want to moan and the one who dishes out the pearls of wisdom alongside advice that is pretty much always easier in theory than in practice! Whatever we talk about is between us (neither of the ladies below is privy to such info) and there’s nothing, and I mean nothing you can’t tell me. Whatever it is you want to talk about and work through, I’m here for you. A nice little quote I heard recently: Never give up on someone who’s ill. When “I” becomes “we”, “illness” turns to “wellness”. A little cheesy, but true!

For a coaching request, getting in touch and introducing yourself to me, please use our nice little contact form:

If there are any other questions or requests, write an email to:


I‘m a designer, mainly responsible for how the information is presented to you on this website, in adverts and social media. You won‘t be in contact with me directly and I won‘t be involved in the coaching. But as I‘m Chris‘ partner, I will support him with general ideas. Through living with him I’m learning a lot about what a life with a chronic disease looks like. Therefore I‘m also going to give recommendations about how you can design your home regarding your special needs. If you’re interested, check out my ‘DeZees’ blog articles to be inspired (coming soon)! I‘m German by the way… in case you spot language mistakes in any of my contents 😉

If you directly need or want to get in touch, contact me via:


Chris calls me his “Tech Lady”. I’m the website developer for HW&H and handle his admin and bookkeeping duties. Having known Chris for many years and worked with him in his other business ventures I can guess what he needs and when he needs it. I often work with him to train and demystify tech and put it to real-world use. I’ve seen the up and downsides to Chris’ health so can relate to what he and yourselves are going through.

You can contact me about anything tech related (for example if something isn’t working on the website) via: