How my coaching works

When you’re ill – and even when you’re not – the idea of a face to face meeting can be too much to bear. Even a Skype call, when you’re not feeling ideal is somewhat off-putting. So the way I want to communicate with you is however you feel most comfortable. We can use Whatsapp – a great piece of tech! – to text, voice message and even call or video call. But we can also do Facetime or Skype should you so desire oooor there’s good “old fashioned” emails! Whatever works best for you, works best. There doesn’t have to be only one way of chatting through things, we can chop and change to whatever fits best for the situation and topic, but these are the general ways we’ll go about it.


We can Skype

This could be a regular time slot that works for us both, or maybe just a call from time to time when you feel you need to chat. Some people prefer to see a face, and while mine isn’t always looking great, I’m happy to oblige if that’s what works for you.

We can chat on the phone

Like the Skype call, this can be a regular thing or just when you feel you need it. If you don’t need to see someone then this can be a great way of communicating while doing something else like walking or doing household chores like the washing up (Headphones on, phone in the pocket, technology can be awesome sometimes!)


Some people struggle with their words when they’re put on the spot but, given time and the feeling they’re not being pressed for an answer, emails can be a fantastic way of communicating. They’re also good for goal setting and lists because you always have them there to refer to. While, of course, they can seem cold and sometimes be misinterpreted, I believe emails, alongside calls or voice messages, can be a really valuable tool. Especially useful when some things can just seem too painful to say out loud.

Texts / voice messages on Whatsapp

Modern tech being what it is, many people prefer to text or leave voice massages for one another. I’m no stranger to this and it’s how I communicate with most of my friends when they’re not around. While this can somewhat downgrade the “seriousness” of a conversation, life doesn’t have to always be so serious and help can come in all shapes and sizes! Plus sometimes people might just feel the need to reach out for a quick chat without wanting to impose on someone’s day. This is why I think talking this way has its benefits.


Skype and calls will be organised ahead of time and emails/Whatsapp will be responded to on an as/when basis. I generally work between the hours of 10am and 6pm Mon-Fri (GMT). On weekends I will only be contactable via email/Whatsapp. However, aside from the occasional really bad day on my side, I can still be here for you in some capacity 7 days a week unless I notify you otherwise. Just please be aware, I’m human too… I  need to eat, sleep and poop as well as spend hours a day doing treatment just to stay alive! So if I don’t respond right away, it’s not because I’m ignoring you or horrified by what you’ve said. It’s because I’m otherwise engaged.


The pricing is very simple. It’s UP TO YOU! There are no contract terms, no pre-priced courses, no upfront fees and no commitment to pay anything if you don’t feel there has been any benefit. If you want to know more about this topic, read my explanation → ‘You say what you pay!’