Could you benefit from more health, wealth and happiness?

I’m not a conventional life coach. I’m not going to promise you everlasting peace and harmony or wealth beyond your imagination – although this may come a result of us working together if that’s what you truly desire – and I’m certainly not going to promise to make all your existing and future problems disappear forever. We both know life’s not that easy! However, I can promise I’ll really give a shit, listen without judgement and help you to make your day to day life that much more enjoyable.

You’ll be able to talk about absolutely anything and everything that goes on in your life – from your fears, frustrations and insecurities to your wildest dreams and ideas! – We’ll break down every aspect of your life and together create a plan for how you can play the fuck out of the hand you’ve been dealt!


We can Skype, email, text and chat on the phone and while there will be some times that are off limits (because I too have stuff to deal with) you’ll be able to get help and advice when you actually need it and all from wherever you want to be. You’ll learn how to delve into your subconscious mind to find out all sorts of answers to questions that you never knew even existed. I’ll help you to better understand yourself so you can become your own best friend. You’ll learn, despite everything that you might consider to be “wrong”, to be able to love yourself unconditionally, no matter how flawed you feel you may be. (A heads up… We’re all flawed as fuck!). You’ll have some laughs and no doubt some tears along with realisations and breakthroughs as you transition into living the lifestyle that appeals the most. Let me just remind you, whatever life you choose there’s shit to deal with, but for the most part, you will get to choose that shit – and even though there are some things you simply cannot change, you’ll learn to see the good in them. Having a condition that impacts on your everyday life isn’t easy. But it also doesn’t have to be so bad either. What I’m saying is:

“If you have to struggle, struggle in Style!”

It doesn’t matter what’s been and gone in your life, where you’re coming from or what you must deal with. It doesn’t matter if the future may look bleak. If you have the true desire to have the life of your dreams and are willing to open up to changes, challenges and new experiences then I can help you. I’ll warn you now, it won’t be easy and it won’t happen overnight. But I speak from first-hand experience when I say it can happen. I was told I’d die young and that my life was basically over before it began. Not only am I still alive but I’m genuinely living a life I’ve been dreaming of for over two decades and it’s even more amazing than I ever could have imagined. I want this for your life too. The question is, do you?

If you’d like to work together to gain insights and tools to help you create the life you’d love to lead then let’s get in contact. Just use our contact form to reach out.