What benefits one extends to the whole family

While I don’t have kids myself and therefore don’t know what it’s like to be a parent of a child with a chronic illness, I do know what it’s like to be that child and I do know how it can affect the whole family. So whether you’re looking for help for yourself to handle this tough situation better or whether you’re looking for help for your child or loved one having someone with whom you can truly identify and feel understood is key. There are four main ways I can go about the coaching:

  • I can coach you on dealing with someone who battles with their health 
  • I can coach them through you, with no direct contact to them
  • I can coach you both simultaneously 
  • I can coach them alone but you get the process started by reaching out

How the coaching could help you:

I’m going to address the parents here, but the same applies if you’re another family member or friend too.

Being a parent is tough but being a parent of a child with some form of daily health battle is ten times tougher. There’re so many more things to think about and deal with on top of the run of the mill stuff. Everyone knows teenagers are renowned for being tough to deal with anyway. But what if that same teenager suffers with chronic pain, finds it tough to fit in, finds it tough to appear “normal” or struggles with a social life because of all the treatment they need to adhere to simply to stay alive? Being around someone dealing with things like that is a tough job and I admire you for getting as far as you have. Just remember, seeking help does not make anyone weak. It means you care and that is someone that we all want in our lives.

When someone is suffering it’s tough for those around. To know how to act toward them, to know what to say or even just how to be in the same room or house as them. And even when the health issue may be a physical one you can bet it impacts massively on the mind and, in time, this can really start to suffer too. What the hell do you say or do when someone is sitting there crying all day because they don’t have the energy to get out of bed?

“There, there… Don’t cry… It’s ok”?

“How the f*ck is this ok?” You’re most likely both thinking!

Or in some more extreme cases – like my own friends have had – when someone tells you they want to end their life because everything is too painful and even breathing is too much to handle. How should you react? Tell them not to do it or go with it because you have no idea what it’s like to be in their shoes? When someone feels inadequate because they can’t keep up with their peers and it makes them want to shut themselves away from the world, how can you inspire them to get out there because they still have value? It can be just as rough on you sometimes when you feel helpless to do anything.

This is where I can help. We can talk about how might be a good way to approach a situation, conversation or just general day to day life. I’ll be upfront, I don’t have ALL the answers, but being that I can empathise 100% with where they’re coming from, while I don’t know them at all, I’ll be able to help you with coming up with what we both believe to be the best way. Basically, I’m here for you. Whatever it is you feel and think, you can tell me. No matter how messed up your thoughts may be at times, I don’t judge. Whatever it may be I can guarantee it won’t shock or surprise me. There are no subjects off limits and there’s no need to ever feel embarrassed if you ever feel overwhelmed or that it’s too much of a struggle. Life is tough and messy and we all need some assistance at times. While I know there is some support for parents on forums and such, it’s mainly parents sharing with parents. Rarely is it parents talking with the sufferers themselves to get the insider’s opinion. That’s why I’m offering this service to you all.



How the Coaching could help your child/loved one:

It’s not easy living life knowing, every night you go to bed, just how hard it might be to get through the next day. Or simply knowing that you’re never really going to live a “normal” life when even the good days can still be so tough. But to be fair, who the hell wants a “normal” life anyway? Why not strive for an extraordinary life? The way I see life with a chronic condition is:

“If you have to struggle, struggle in Style!”

The “style” aspect doesn’t necessarily refer to fancy cars and diamond earrings, but the lifestyle that appeals the most. This could be one of peace and tranquillity, of adventure and excitement or simply with as little pain and frustration as possible. Whatever their style, they can live it. Life really is great and your child or loved one can genuinely prosper given the right tools and guidance. Education is the key and I believe people shouldn’t have to go “off track” in the first place. If they’re taught well, someone with intention, passion and clarity is much more happy, peaceful and capable of dealing with whatever life throws their way. Their condition can become a bearable weight to carry as opposed to a crushing burden. (This goes for you too by the way!) Whatever benefits one member of the family extends to the rest and I really want to be here for you and your family, whatever type of help it is you may need.

So if you think there’s benefit to be gained from working with me then please reach out by using this contact form. It’s just starting the communication process. There’s no commitment, no pressure and when all said and done, you get to decide how much it all costs when we work together.