People often ask me “What do you do?” – Meaning, “What do you do for a living?” – and my answer varies depending to whom I’m talking and how much detail I feel they might want. My usual answer is something like “I’m retired” but that’s a) not very informative and b) not strictly true. While I am kind of retired I still work from time to time when I need to because I own a business (music related) back in England. But what I do is somewhat of a grey area.

I’m a pioneer, decision maker and delegator more than anything else. For this I text, send voice messages and emails to the guys on the ground. Sometimes during a year I have to chase people for money, write important emails or deal with the accountants, banks and red tape bullshit involved in having a business. From time to time I have to build things with my bare hands or repair our equipment. Every time I’m back in England and at the studios I clean… a LOT! And I do anything and everything in between that may need doing in order for the business to function as and when it’s needed. I try to remove myself from the equation as much as possible because, on a day to day basis, I’m extremely unreliable due to my health. So this is what an average “work” day actually looks like for me…

I spend hours walking with the dogs. Send a few voice messages back and forth with Ian (The guy who manages the business). Spend more hours working out my muscles and lungs and then stretch to keep the pain in my back, hips and head as much at bay as possible. Send a few texts. Think about the upcoming things we need to work on and how we might do them. Sit on the couch and read. Throughout all of this I’m taking around an hour to inhale medication and trying my best to eat as much as I can to put on weight – or at least not lose it! – and more often than not, from waking to sleeping again I’m dealing with pain, feeling exhausted and trying to handle all the physical and mental stress with a sense of humour and a clear, objective mind to make the best possible decisions as and when.

So what do I do for a living? I work bloody hard to stay alive! Anything else is a bonus.