We’re now at a point – as of June 2017 – in which the future, while looking pretty bright in some areas, looks pretty bleak for the human race if things keep going the way they appear to be. Big Pharma, Big Oil, the meat industry and the whole climate change thing – to name just a few – are really starting to have an impact on our lives and more and more of us than ever are starting to feel the effects. Flooding, oil spills, heat waves, storms, droughts, fires, unsafe drinking water, prescription related deaths, obese nations …. You name it, it’s happening somewhere to someone.

I personally – while it’s obviously somewhat disconcerting – think it’ll be very interesting if I get to witness it all unfold. I know this might seem somewhat cold and heartless – the idea that millions, if not billions of lives will be destroyed – but it will, nonetheless, be interesting. The way I see it is that death is the most inevitable part of life, for all things. I don’t think it’s anything to feel bad about on a grand scale. Sad? Maybe. Scary? Possibly. Interesting, of course! (Please bear in mind I’m a middle class, white, European male in his thirties so, despite my pretty serious health issues, life has dealt me quite a decent hand! I do therefore realise it’s easy for me to sit here, very far removed from the “action” and remain rather detached from it all because it doesn’t [yet] affect me)

Will we solve the fossil fuels problem? Will we be able to source enough clean water to satisfy everyone’s thirst? Will we shift from eating a meat based diet to that of plants? Will Big Pharma inadvertently – or maybe even intentionally????? *Mwahahaaaa* – create a drug resistant bacteria of epic proportions that wipes out entire countries? Will the ice caps melt and flood huge parts of the world and will global warming cause vast portions of the earth’s surface to be deemed uninhabitable? Will it be a combo of the threats that befall us or will it be something that nobody is yet talking about? *Queue theatrical, suspense type music!*

The good and the bad news is, this could all happen within our lifetimes – those of us young and fit enough to live another twenty to fifty years at least – and so we could actually witness it first hand. I say it’s good and bad. Potentially bad for a lot of life on this planet but good from the perspective of it being interesting! Regardless of your standpoint, it’s undeniable that we’re living in exciting times, whatever type of excitement that may be! So suffering and tragedy aside, I’m genuinely intrigued to see how it will go down. (You’d be forgiven if you think I’m a horrible, heartless bastard at this point. I know how what I’m saying could come across. And while I think I’m a pretty nice dude, who am I to judge?)

As harsh as this may seem, who’s to say that the extinction of our species on this earth is a bad thing? I mean, of course, we want to preserve ourselves. Every species does. It’s ingrained in our very being. But humans have wiped out sooooo many other species on this planet without a second’s thought. We’ve brought about destruction and devastation to life around us wherever we’ve set foot. Maybe we’re just a plague that the planet needs to rid itself of? And simple “human nature” means we may well do this to ourselves! Every kind of life has a limit of existence and this may well just be ours. But maybe it’s not. It’s also possible we can all band together to save ourselves, no? But then what will become of life as we know it? Society? Government? Money? Culture? Our day to day existence could look veeeeeeery different to how it does now. If life as we know it goes “Bang” – shall we call this “The Big Bang Mark ll” 😉 – what will it look like in the “New World”. Flying cars? Life on Mars? A theme park on the moon? (One thing this writer hopes for sure is to fiiiiinally get a fucking hover board that all 80’s kids have been dreaming about ever since we saw Back To The Future!!) Or will it be a little like stepping back into a time with no supermarkets, no industry and – perish the thought – no internet, where small tribes of people try to live off of what was once bountiful land, now destroyed by our modern existence, fighting over what little remains?

In a world where, on a universal scale there are no true rights or wrongs, no laws, no human or animal rights and not one single thing that everyone can agree on – Just an “If it’s possible, it is, by definition, natural” – how will shit go down? Will the people who are in power now dictate the flow or will the masses band together, agree on something and change the status quo? And what will it take to reach that point, if indeed it does happen? Because one thing I know for sure is that human nature stipulates we don’t change unless we feel that not changing gives us less chance of survival. For example, someone who’s morbidly obese rarely looks in the mirror and says, “Hmmmmm, I’m looking a little chunky, maybe I’ll change my entire belief system”. They may want to. They may have even tried for a day or two, once or twice. But in reality it comes down to either a near death experience or a warning of impending doom that makes them change their core values and resulting actions. Because why would we change if we are ok with the way things are going? I’m not saying we need to like them. I’m just saying as long as they’re “ok”, this will do! Inherently, as a race, we’re pretty lazy and if we don’t neeeeeed to do something, we rarely do. Or we tend to put it off as much as we can. Everyone knows that most of us, most of the time at least, are like this. This makes me wonder, “What will be that tipping point for our species? When do enough of us turn around and say, “Fuck this, I’m changing my behaviour!”? What has to happen? A near death experience for multiple nations? The destruction of most of the world’s population? One person making a documentary that condemns us all that’s so unbelievably convincing that we all pay attention?” It’s true that things are gradually changing, but not quick enough to save us all at this point. Because, while there’s still money to be made doing things the way they have been, some people are still going to be pushing in that direction simply because they stand to benefit. Either ignoring, not caring about or simply not believing what could be knocking at humanities door. And who’s to say this is wrong? Is it not just survival of the fittest after all, just like it’s always been? Maybe only a few thousand humans survive and the rest of us are wiped out? For the rest of the planet at least, this could be a good thing! People are so quick to say what is “right” and what is “wrong” without thinking more along the lines of “what is possible?” and “What is natural?”. I think a lot of people agree that this earth cannot sustain as many human lives as it has – at least the way we’re going about living. But nobody wants to be the person to come out and say – with the exception of Bill Burr…. Fucking love that guy! – “Sorry, but 80% of you gotta go!”. If we’re honest, while none of us want to be the ones to go, most of us would agree that there are too many humans knocking about! Too many of us consuming too many things and putting a strain on the planet as a whole. So if we remain, how do we go about things? Quite the conundrum wouldn’t you agree?!

Oooor maybe we’re all just making a big fuss over nothing. Maybe none of the climate change predictions will come true. Maybe the meat industry powers that be will turn around and say, “We’re going vegan!”. Maybe Big Pharma will say, “Look, sorry, but some of you just have to die!”, Big Oil will switch to renewables, people will stop over consuming, we’ll find an alternative to capitalism and maybe, just maybe, the human race isn’t doomed after all. Or I guess it’s possible that none of that even needs to happen. Maybe we can all indeed just keep on doing what we’re doing and it’ll all be ok. Personally I don’t think this is the case, but then who the fuck am I to know!?! It’s also possible that there will be huge breakthroughs in A.I and robotics then we can live on through solar powered robots that contain our consciousnessesesses (?!?!). Right now we stand on a precipice of possibility and no one single person knows any outcome for sure. While some are faaaaar more educated in fields than others, at this point at least, it is still just conjecture.

So I guess the big question that comes to MY mind is, which Hollywood movie will come true?? Answers on a postcard! 😉