I told my friend I was writing a book. I told a lot of friends. People kept asking me how it was going and, while I WAS on a roll for a week or two about 4 or 5 months ago, I REEEEALLY haven’t done much – anything – since! She said to me “Gerry Veeeeeee. iiiiiiiii have a challenge for you. You said you’re writing a book. But you don’t write. And there’s a difference between people who SAY their writing a book and people who have written a book! You need to write just five minutes a day. You don’t even need to WRITE. Just have the INTENTION of writing while sat at your computer for just fiiiiiiive minutes Gerry Vee. Just five MINUTES! That’s nothing. That’s easy. ANYONE can manage five minutes a day ’cause it’s just five minutes!” Etc. Etc. You get the gist!

So for about 2 weeks now, every day I’ve picked up my keyboard and iPad and have written for at LEAST 10mins each day. Sometimes for over an hour. But SOMETHING.EVERY. DAY. From the time I heard her words I knew she was right. In an instant I was in. I’ve been telling myself I’m not going to rush it and that I’m just recording ideas right now. But I haven’t had a NEW idea for MONTHS! And while I still don’t want to rush it, I do HAVE to start writing again at SOME point! – Even if only to write out the ideas I’ve recorded on my phone! – The reason I’m telling you this is because every single day up until now – while I’ve bitched out on occasion before finally submitting – most days it was easy to do! But not today. Today I just wasn’t feeling it. Later I’m out to dinner and I KNOW I’ll be too tired and not want to when I’m back. So. Conundrum.

Me:”On the one hand I don’t wanna break my pact with J. But on the other I don’t feel like writing and I don’t know when I can fit it in.”

Then my OTHER part of my brain replied:

“Ok, just get your keyboard out and put it on the table. That’ll then make it easier for you later. And you know if it’s there there’s a MASSIVE chance of you just switching it on and start tapping away! Aaaaaaand, if you remember, J said you don’t even have to WRITE. You only have to have the iPad and keyboard ON with the INTENTION of writing! You can even do it now. It’ll only take 5 minutes! :-)”

– Just tiiiiiiiiny steps that don’t feel like ANYTHING can add up. Allowing yourself to feel like you don’t want to do something is ok. So long as you actively still try to do it. Just make it as easy for yourself as possible! That simple act of getting out the keyboard was all it took to spark the passion and idea to write and my SMARTER part of me knew it!
Me: “Cheers brain. Love you man!”
So I picked up the keyboard and it hit me! Write about THAT! Write about committing to doing something and having full intent to follow through. Regardless of low energy, INTENT I have! Even if no idea what to write about. Or even the drive to just TRY! I have the intent. And thankfully THAT can override anything. Whether you want to in the moment or not is irrelevant. Once upon a time you FULLY decided that this is what you were going to do. Don’t half arse it. It’s SUCH a simple task it CAN be done daily, no matter HOW rough you feel. Essentially I’m just writing for the BIN! It doesn’t matter WHAT I write, it’s only THAT I write. And if I do that once a day, EVERYDAY then EVENTUALLY I will get better and better and I WILL make progress – No matter how slow – and more importantly I WILL reach my goal of writing this book. It doesn’t matter how or when, only that it HAPPENS.

I guess the lesson here is two fold.

No.1 – Make the rules SO simply you cannot NOT follow them daily.

No.2 – Have full intention to follow through before committing.

With only THESE TWO RULES you can reach ANY goal given enough time. Neat huh!? 😉

Valuable lesson that I forgot. Thanks for reminding me J!