It’s December 7th 2014 and a lot of this stuff has been rattling round in my head for a good while now. I figure it’s time to get some of it out to free up some space! So here’s a list of some posts I AIM to write about in the near(ish) future.

  • Delaying gratification (Do I really NEED this NOW?!?)
  • Necessities (What is ACTUALLY necessary to get by in life?!?)
  • Discipline (When and How to make yourself do the things you should)
  • How to live on minimum wage (How to not only LIVE but how to SAVE and ultimately THRIVE your minimum wage job)
  • Compound interest (What the hell it is and why it’s so good!)
  • Why we “stuff” (This one’s emotional!)
  • Attitudes towards work (Do you have the right attitude for the right situation?!?)
  • Like attracts Like (This one is a philosophical but well worth it)
  • The importance of good health (how to get enough exercise and eat right)
  • Reasons / Drivers (Why we do what we do)
  • Passion (Why is passion so attractive?!?)
  • Trading up (how to go from a paper clip to a house!)
  • The “If / Then” mentality (don’t wait for life to “begin”)
  • The 80/20 Principal (put less in, get more out)
  • “Pay Day” loans (pure evil!)
  • Do we REALLY know the world around us? (Does avarage joe public know half the stuff they think they do?)
  • Commodity (What’s really important)

And hopefully, many more!!