Playing drums is what I started out doing years ago. Playing and teaching. Then it turned into a business and then for one reason or another I barely played anymore.

To be honest I’ve never been one for routine, regularity, consistency or practice…. All of which are required if you want to get REALLY good at something. However from time to time in the past I’ve managed to do odd bits of actual practice here and there. Nowadays though, sadly only a few times a year, I just like to have a bit of a “smash about”. I can’t call it “practice”. I guess it’s more like “drumming tourettes”…. it’s whatever happens to come out when I hit them! It’s also a little like REAL tourettes as I swear quite a bit (actually twice in this video so I apologise for that in advance). When I play like this I like to record it (just on my ipad, nothing fancy!) to see if I’ve come up with anything new or if what I think sounds good at the time ACTUALLY sounds good when I listen back. It also makes me laugh to see what new twitch or movement I’ve picked up over time past!)

Now the reason I’ve put this up here (as well as to show you all JUST how great I am at the drums! 😉  ) is to show to you all that even though, for all intents and purposes I could, with a little practice be a top professional drummer, I’m making mistakes left, right and centre. I’m letting other people see what I’m doing even though it’s not perfect (in fact, far from it). I’m enjoying what I’m doing but it’s nowhere near as good as I’d like it to be. I’m a human adult male and I’m showing people something I’ve done which I claim to be pretty good at doing and it’s not perfect and I’ll be honest, this leaves me feeling a little vulnerable for some reason. It’s not edited. Not professionaly recorded. Not slick or sleak or anything as such. But the great news is…. things don’t have to be perfect for others to appreciate them. Things don’t have to be perfect for you to enjoy them. You don’t always have to impress people with flashy things. Be human. You’re allowed to mess up. You’re allowed to show people you’re not perfect and you’re allowed to show people a vulnerable side. It can actually make people feel BETTER about themselves knowing that someone else struggles to.

My point is this. Be you. Enjoy the things you’re good at and don’t worry about the rest.

Anyway, this is what it looks like when I’m inspired and happy and having a “smash about” 🙂