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Chris Senior – A life coach who truly understands

Without meaning to sound too cheesy, are you struggling with life right now? If you’re not, give yourself a high five and go grab a donut, you’re nailing it! 😉

However if you or someone you know face daily battles with mental and/or physical health and need some assistance in your life – some may even say “Life Coaching” – then I’m here for you.

Maybe it’s the idea of leaving for college or university and having to move out of the family home to go it alone for the first time. Maybe it’s starting the dating game or entering into your first serious relationship and having to tell someone the ins and outs of being you. Or it could be something more serious like having suicidal thoughts or actions because life is just too f*cking tough too much of the time! (I’ve been there… It’s torture!) Maybe you’re a parent or friend who simply doesn’t know how to respond to someone who’s really suffering and it’s eating you up inside or just making your own life too tough…

Whatever the case, you’re not alone. We all face times that scare and challenge us and suffering from any kind of condition that impacts your daily life it’s often ten times tougher. Rest assured, no matter how tough things can be, they can also be equally as amazing and if you want, I can help you get to that point. I can’t promise to take away all your existing and future problems. I can’t cure your illness and I’m not just going to tell you “think positive thoughts”. But what I can help you to do is live the kind of life you’ve always wanted to. My motto is:


“If you have to Struggle, Struggle in Style.”


I myself struggle daily with Cystic Fibrosis, Diabetes, Chronic Pain and more recently, ABPA (Kinda like mouldy lungs!) so I’m no stranger to getting kicked in the balls by life. However, I’m also so grateful for everything I have and the life I’m able to lead in spite of all this. Hey, I’m not going to tell you it’s all roses and rainbows, we both know it’s not, it’s tough as sh*t sometimes, right? There are days when all I can do is sit on the sofa and cry! BUT it also doesn’t always have to be doom and gloom and, in fact, if you can learn – as I have – to see the positives in the tougher times then even they can become enjoyable to a degree.

Having a struggle-free life shouldn’t be anyone’s goal. To live is to struggle – for everything on this planet in fact. Instead, I believe it should be to value your life and be grateful every second of every day that you have it.

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